Loft Conversion: Is There Room Above?

Optimising loft space is quickly becoming one of the more popular forms of home extension. When considering whether your loft space can viably be extended into a living area the key factor to take into account is the availability of head room.

Property Refurbishment In A Recession

With a flat housing market and property prices that seem to be continuously on the decline in a number of areas, moving house simply is not an option to many home owners.

Property Extensions: Linking The Old To The New

Tips To Link Your New Property Extension To Your Old Garden If you have recently completed a property extension then hopefully it will provide you with everything which you have ever dreamed of having from your home. However, have you considered the impact which your new property extension will have on your old garden? This… Read more »

Damp: Its Three Most Common Manifestations

The three most common forms of damp which affect the households of Great Britain are rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. In order to decide the best course of action to take in your home, you will first have to determine which of these three types of damp your home suffers from.

Loft Conversions – The Future Of Extensions

As house prices rise and the cost of land in urban areas continues to rise, people are looking to extend the space of their property internally as opposed to external conversion projects. Due to this trend, loft conversions have become incredibly popular

Water Proofing Your Basement Can Save You Money

When considering whether to have your basement area waterproofed the first consideration is whether this measure is going to save you money in the long run. Water proofing your basement can seem a costly venture, however in the long run having your basement area water proofed by a specialist is likely to save far more… Read more »

Basement Conversions: Do You Need Extra Room?

Go Underground With Basement Conversions… If you require extra room in your household and are considering an external extension as a solution, have you considered the possibility of extending downwards instead of outwards? Increasingly over the last few years, basement conversions have become increasingly popular.