Water Proofing Your Basement Can Save You Money

When considering whether to have your basement area waterproofed the first consideration is whether this measure is going to save you money in the long run. Water proofing your basement can seem a costly venture, however in the long run having your basement area water proofed by a specialist is likely to save far more money than the financial costs incurred from the process.

Water Proofing Your Basement: The Advantages Are Simple!

For those of you who are struggling to find a reason to have your wet, musty and mouldy basement water proofed, we have kindly supplied you with three key reasons. We understand that it is helpful to explain to home and property owners how a waterproofed basement can actually save you money in the long term. This is the how and the why:

  • A dry and finished basement area can dramatically increase the value of your property. What better way to boost the value of your largest investment than to increase the healthy and useable floor space by up to 33%? Providing potential future buyers with more space, will ultimately will result in more money in your pocket if and when you choose to sell.
  • Water proofing your basement can actually reduce your overall energy expenditure, whilst improving the energy efficiency rates of the property. The process of water proofing your basement involves sealing the foundation of the building, whilst also the closure of the outside environment from the home. In basic terms this means that less conditioned and heated air escapes from the home, saving money on heating and electrical bills.
  • Removing mould from the home environment can result in less trips to the doctors. It is commonly acknowledged that mould can result in a wide range of medical ailments if left untreated in a property. Prolonged moisture and seepage can result in the growth of toxic mould types within your home. The spores released by these mould types then pollute the indoor atmosphere of the home and can potentially result in serious health problems for the occupants.

The home is by the biggest investment and largest asset of the overwhelming majority of homeowners. Therefore efforts to take care of and to protect this investment should not just be reserved to the upper floors. It is vitally important that homeowners make the resources available to ensure that the subterranean areas of the property are equally catered for, as has been shown the financial benefits of waterproofing your basement far outweigh the cost incurred.

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