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Do we need Planning permission for our Cellar Conversion?

No all the work is completed under a building notice.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No as Broadoak just require stage payments based on the work completed. As a general rule of thumb if a cellar is £15,000 and going to take 6 weeks there would be 6 equal payments, with the last payment being made when all snags and the building control notice has been issued.

Do we need to contact the Local Authority?

No Broadoak will do that as part of the service

How long does a cellar conversion take?

For a small mid terrace approx. 6 weeks up to 12-14 weeks for large Victorian/Edwardian properties with multi chambers.

Will you have men on site every day?

That would be the plan from the start and only change if unforeseen circumstances occur.

Do we need an architect for a Cellar Conversion?

Generally, not unless we are adding to the cellar by means of further excavation into the garden.

Will the cellar conversion intrude on our day to day life?

No as 99% of the traffic and material are accessed via the new or existing window well.

Will you need constant access thought the house?

Generally, only the beginning and end of the working day.

Is a Cellar Conversion expensive?

If you consider that a single storey extension costs in the region of £1300-1500 per square metre, a cellar conversion would be around £800-900 subject to specifications.

Who will be my point of contact throughout the project?

We have two contracts mangers who will work closely together to make sure all the clients requirements and questions are answered. All communications are transferred to the Senior Management Team at our weekly contracts meeting.

What head height can be achieved?

This is subject to the depth of the foundations unless under pinning is preferred. An ideal minimum head height finished floor to ceiling would be approx. 2.0 anything less is the clients choice.
How far do you take the project?
To a level where the client only has to think about what colour to paint and what floor coverings they want. Broadoak can also organise these works.

Throughout the years Broadoak have built up a diverse portfolio, carrying out a broad range of works up and down the country including the refurbishment of flood damaged properties in the Yorkshire, timber treatment works for Taylor Woodrow in Gibraltar, and domestic and commercial basement conversions and loft conversions across the North West.

Broadoak are also skilled in carrying out single and double storey home extensions, home remodelling services and garage conversions.

Broadoak are dedicated to carrying out high quality workmanship with service and client communications that are second to none. If you’d like to talk to us about a project get in touch with a member of our team today…

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