Loft Conversions – The Future Of Extensions

As house prices rise and the cost of land in urban areas continues to rise, people are looking to extend the space of their property internally as opposed to external conversion projects. Due to this trend, loft conversions have become incredibly popular

with home owners over the recent years. However, loft conversions are not what they used to be, formally loft conversions represented a stuffy room for a child, or a cramped area where home owners could store all of the essential items which they cannot live without, but do not use regularly enough to store elsewhere. However the new generation of loft conversions is driven by creative solutions for optimising this potentially awkward living space.

Do you want to make use of your loft space, but are unsure of potential uses for this newly created space in your property? Do not worry, there are almost innumerable uses for a loft conversion, including the following:

A library: Firstly, it frees up large amounts of space in the home, as bookshelves are moved into the loft conversion. Secondly, you can line the walls with bookcases and shelves to accommodate your books, and by adding a sofa or a chair you can create a quiet area where you are able to enjoy the peace of a dedicated reading room.

  • A sewing room: give your hobby the space it deserves by filling your new loft conversion with your favourite fabric designs, a chair and table and of course your dream sewing machine. Providing you with the space required to create your projects.
  • A home cinema: Enabling you to bring the cinema experience into your home. Simply install a home theatre system, a snack fridge and comfortable seating, perhaps even a recliner. Then sit back and enjoy your favourite sporting events, television programs and films.
  • A bathroom: Many lofts provide the option to incorporate a large window into the design. Selecting this option provides the ability to convert your loft into a luxurious bathroom with a view, providing all the benefits of having a bath outside without the weather getting in the way.
  • A recording studio: A loft conversion can easily be transformed into a recording studio, enabling you to fulfil your musical ambitions from the comfort of your home. But, be sure to invest in some sound proof panels though.

Loft conversions are an excellent way of increasing the amount of space in your property, without having to extend outwards.

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