Permitted Development Rules For Home Extensions

On May 9th 2013 legislation was presented to Parliament which increased the size of single storey extensions that could be built under permitted development rules. The result of this legislation is that for a three year window, between May 2013 and May 2016, home owners are able to build larger, single-storey, rear home extensions within… Read more »

Is Your Property Winter Proof?

We explore the areas of a property which are most susceptible to damage throughout winter and the associated restorative action which should be taken… Roof: During the winter season damage to the roof can occur. This damage can be attributed to a number of factors including freeze-thaw damage caused by temperature fluctuations and lost roofing tiles… Read more »

Building Regulations and Planning Permission: What You Need To Know

As a home owner, regardless of the nature of the proposed building work, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the proposed project conforms to the relevant planning rules and building regulations. This is regardless of whether your particular building project requires planning permission or building regulations approval or not. Due to this, failure on… Read more »

Energy Efficient Home Extension: Factors To Consider

Extensions provide home owners with a means of increasing the amount of living space within a property. Often extensions are preferable to moving house as they are cheaper and do not involve the associated hassle, such as legal costs, of moving. Despite the reduction in cost, extending a property is still a major investment. Due… Read more »

Loft Conversions: The Cost

An increasing number of people are opting to modify their existing properties, through extensions and conversions, as opposed to moving home. Due to this, the number of people performing loft conversions, the process of creating habitable living space within a loft, continues to increase. This trend is in part attributable to the increasing costs of… Read more »

Property Refurbishments Provide Increased Footprint

Extension Project Enables Home Owners To Cost Effectively Achieve An Increased Footprint Of Their Property   Extension projects, such as loft and basement conversions, provide home owners with a cost effective means of successfully creating an increased footprint of their property. The footprint of a property is the dimensions of the total covered area of… Read more »

Home Extensions: Factors To Be Aware Of

Things To Consider When Planning Your Home Extension Increasing the amount of living space in a property is becoming more popular. However, numerous people begin their home extension projects without being aware of a number of factors. These factors cover a myriad of subjects ranging from legal requirements and obligations to the construction process itself…. Read more »

Party Wall Act: Will It Affect My Proposed Building Works?

What Is The Party Wall Act And How Does It Affect Property Conversion And Renovation Projects? The Party Wall Act came into force on July 1st 1997 in England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland are exempt from the Act. The Act was introduced in order to prevent one neighbour’s building or home extension work… Read more »

Kitchen Extension: The Heart Of The Home

Bring Your Family Closer With A Kitchen Extension With recent technological developments and work demanding ever greater amounts of time and attention for both you and your children, it can be hard to find time for valuable quality family time. Taking the time to enjoy family meals together is an excellent way of creating this… Read more »