Is Your Property Winter Proof?

We explore the areas of a property which are most susceptible to damage throughout winter and the associated restorative action which should be taken…


During the winter season damage to the roof can occur. This damage can be attributed to a number of factors including freeze-thaw damage caused by temperature fluctuations and lost roofing tiles due to heavy winds. In order to understand the extent of the damage it is worth hiring a professional to perform an assessment. Depending on the level on damage, roofing tiles may need to replaced, structural repairs may be needed for the roof, or the roof may also need to be re-waterproofed.


The harsh conditions of winter can damage the structural integrity of chimneys, causing them to become loose, or in extreme cases they may have been completely removed. Due to this, it is advisable to have your chimney assessed as part of the roof assessment. Chimney repair work pay involve minor brickwork to restore the chimney’s structural integrity. Or in cases where the chimney has been removed, a new one will have to be built.


If a property is poory waterproofed, liquid can breach the property resulting in damp which can cause a number of health problems, including respiratory problems, for the inhabitants. In order to gain an in-depth understanding of how waterproofed your home is it is advisable to gain a professional assessment. Restorative action may involve the removal of damp, re-waterproofing areas where the previous waterproofing has failed and even the installation of a new outside membrane waterproofing system.

Timber treatment:

Timber beams within a property are a major contributor to the property’s overall structural integrity. Over time these beams can be afflicted by numerous problems ranging from beetle infestations to wet and dry rot. If left unchecked these problems can compromise the property. In order to gain an insight into any timber related issues it is first worth getting an assessment. Following which timber treatment may be required to remove the affliction. Timber which has been correctly treated will not only have had the problem removed it will also be protected against the recurrence of the issue.  In order to ensure that your timber is protected it is advisable to have it professionally treated on a regular basis.

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