Property Refurbishments Provide Increased Footprint

Extension Project Enables Home Owners To Cost Effectively Achieve An Increased Footprint Of Their Property


Extension projects, such as loft and basement conversions, provide home owners with a cost effective means of successfully creating an increased footprint of their property. The footprint of a property is the dimensions of the total covered area of the building, this includes garages and porches. There are numerous benefits to achieving an increased footprint of a property, these include:

  • A cost effective means of increasing the overall value of a property
  • Increasing the amount of overall living space within a property
  • Extension projects which improve the footprint of a property are cheaper than upgrading to a larger property

There are numerous extension options in order to gain an increased footprint of a property. These options include, loft conversions, basement conversions and home extensions. Each of these options have their own unique benefits and considerations.

Loft conversions: Increasingly loft conversions have become a popular means of adding an extra bedroom to a property quickly and effectively. The speed and ease with which a loft conversion is completed depends largely on the suitability of a property. All properties can have loft conversions, however some require more preparation as the structure of the roof may have to be altered to accommodate the conversion.

Basement conversions: Are similar to loft conversions in their popularity and that they enable home owners to increase the footprint of a property. However the suitability of the property plays a major role in the ease with which a basement conversion can be achieved.

Home extensions: Home extensions involve physically changing the appearance of the property by building outwards. Typically, home extensions are divided into two main categories, single storey extensions and multi storey extensions. Home extensions provide home owners with high levels of flexibility enabling them to choose how they increase their property’s footprint. Home extension projects can take longer as often planning permission is required. However, once planning permission has been obtained, construction work can be completed quickly and effectively.

Due to the increasing price of property, upgrading to a larger property is often not financially viable. Therefore, home owners are increasingly utilising extension and conversion projects in order to gain an increased footprint of their property, simultaneously increasing the amount of living space and the value of the property.

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