Property Extensions: Linking The Old To The New

Tips To Link Your New Property Extension To Your Old Garden

If you have recently completed a property extension then hopefully it will provide you with everything which you have ever dreamed of having from your home. However, have you considered the impact which your new property extension will have on your old garden? This factor is often overlooked in home extension projects, however it is worth considering early on in the process.

Too often beautiful new home extensions are dwarfed by overgrown and unkempt gardens, which have been overlooked during the property extension process. Often the old garden can be embarrassing when compared with the new property extension. As the garden area has not been taken into consideration it is often not coordinated, resulting in the old clashing with the new.

However do not fear, this blog contains a few tips which can help you coordinate the appearance of your old garden with that of your new home extension.

Create a focal point: a focal point draws the attention of your garden’s viewers away from unsightly features such as decaying fencing or a dilapidated shed. This new focal point needn’t be expensive or time consuming. In most cases planting a new tree or creating a new planted border is sufficient. However if you wish to create an architectural focal point then you could consider placing a bench or even an urn.

Carefully consider patio and decking areas and the impact it will have on your garden: when selecting the location for your new patio or decking area consider the area in your garden which will receive the most sunlight and place it in this area.

Lighting: it is amazing the effect that placing a few simple lights can have on both your garden and the interior of your new property extension. To demonstrate, placing a few lights in your garden will incorporate the view of your garden into your home at night. Additionally it will make the interior area feel larger. In order for this to be effective it is essential that you place a source of light directly outside of the windows. Otherwise the interior lights will just reflect back in against the glass turning the interior into a black hole.

The south and west factor: if your new home extension is facing either westward or southwards, then it is highly likely that this area is going to get very hot, especially during the summer months. In order to keep the temperature down it is worth incorporating specially treated glass which reflects the sunbeams away into your design. Alternatively you could make use of another form of window treatment, including sheer curtains or venetian blinds. On the other hand you could remedy this problem from the outside. This can be achieved by creating an awning, a pergola clothed with deciduous climbers or a well-placed tree. If you select to use plants as a remedy to this problem, then be sure to make use of deciduous varieties.  This type of plant has the advantage of filtering sunlight during the warm growing season, whilst enabling it to come through during the cold winter season.