Loft Conversions – Ideas to Maximise Your space

As property prices continue to rise around the country, many people are looking to make the most of the space they already have by extending and expanding in their existing property.

Conversions are often a profitable idea when you are looking to add value and space to your home, and it has been estimated that a loft conversion alone can add up to 10% to a property’s value.

Broadoak are bringing you a guide to loft conversions and ideas on how you can use the space to maximum benefit.

Sitting area

Why not convert your loft into an extra cosy sitting area. You could use it to entertain friends or just slip away from the hustle and bustle of the house.

Kids Study area

Do your kids have a hard time studying in their bedroom or around the distractions of the family? Why not convert your loft into a dedicated study lounge? You can keep an eye on them and it might even make studying a bit more appealing!


A bedroom is arguably the most valuable use of loft space, and a full conversion could mean that you benefit from an extra master bedroom or guest room. You would have to consider that this type of conversion would probably be the priciest but would see the maximum return on investment.


With so many people now working from home, an office has become an extremely popular way to add value to your house. You could kit the space out with storage cabinets, desks and a telecoms system and use the loft to work from home or get important jobs done.


Turning your loft into a kids playroom or teenage den could be a way of getting the kids out of your hair and giving them a space to play and hang out with their friends. Fit your loft with comfy seating, toys, games, TV’s and consoles to save you having them scattered all over the house.


Get in shape by installing some gym equipment and turning your loft into a mini workout area. It would also make a great meditation or yoga space.


Too many books cluttering up your bedroom or dining area? You could consider turning your loft into a home library. Lofts are perfect for putting up shelves and storage -you could even invest in a comfy chair and some proper lighting to create your own quiet space to read.

Broadoak have completed loft conversions in various locations around Greater Manchester. As with any project, our loft conversions are completed quickly and effectively, to our trademark high standards of construction quality. To find out more about the types of loft conversion that we carry out then have a look around the site or get in touch with a friendly member of the Broadoak team today!