Increase Rental Potential with a Basement Conversion


It’s not just expanding families who are converting their basements to add value to a property. Landlords and letting agents are now increasingly looking to cellar conversions as a way to get a greater return on investment.


If you own a property with a basement, a conversion could massively increase your rental potential. Want to know how? Read on for our guide…

Add value

Property website has shown that a cellar can add 20-30% to the value of a property. A statistic that many landlords simply can’t ignore!

A basement conversion can work wonders when there is no scope to extend a property anywhere else, and help you make the most of even the most ordinary rental. If you own a communal or student property, a converted basement would make an ideal space for an additional bedroom and therefore the opportunity for extra rental income.

Flexible space

Unlike lofts, which are typically converted into spare bedrooms, basements have a flexible range of uses.

Located near to main access points and living areas, basements are ideal for creating extra living space, be it an extra bedroom, second living room, or dining room – popular requirements for tenants with big families. 

No planning permission

Acquiring planning permission for a development can sometimes be stressful, time consuming and generally something landlords could do without!

One of the biggest advantages of a basement conversion is they often don’t require any planning permission at all, allowing the work to be done in a timely and efficient fashion.


The advantages of a basement conversion really do speak for themselves.

With our experience of basement conversions, that dim and damp area in your rental property will be unrecognisable after we have finished the job.

Fully refurbished, it will massively increase your rental potential and turn a once unused space into a bright and liveable area, adding another dimension to the property.


Any property with a cellar can be converted. If you’re a landlord looking to expand a rental property, get in touch for a free site survey today. You can contact us by calling 0161 962 1623.