Ideas for Your Basement Conversion

Basements are often dark and gloomy rooms used by many homeowners to store junk – or to be avoided at all costs!

If your basement has been left to go mouldy or damp you may not have ever considered it’s potential  – however, more and more savvy homeowners are converting this dark and gloomy part of the home into bright, enjoyable and liveable rooms.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, read on for our guide on some of the ways you can transform your basement into a brand new area for your property….

Extra bedroom/bathroom

This is a great idea for growing families who don’t have the funds to upsize. Turning a basement into an extra bedroom or bathroom will give your family the space it needs to expand whilst significantly increasing the value of your property.

Integrated wine cellar

When a wine rack isn’t enough and your collection warrants a more sizeable part of your home, basement conversions make for the perfect place to house a wine cellar. Great for any collector or enthusiast, wine storage can range from a small larder to an entire basement.


Why not get in shape for summer in the comfort of your own private gym! Investing in a few bits of gym equipment can help you save on expensive membership fees and travel costs whilst allowing you to workout in the privacy of your own home.


When you work from home it can often be beneficial to get away from the distractions of the house. More and more people are creating their own personal workspace in the quietest, most secluded part of their property.

Games room

Whether you’re into pool, darts, air hockey, table football or video games…a basement conversion is a great place to let your inner child out!! Escape for a tournament with friends and you wont even have to worry about disturbing the rest of the house!

Home cinema

Often considered the ‘ultimate’ cellar conversion idea, a home cinema allows you to watch your favourite films/TV programmes in true cinema style. Installing a home cinema & sound system in your basement ensures you get the maximum viewing please without getting noise complaints from the neighbours.

We have experience in carrying out all of these conversions and can help you with yours. Get in touch with the experts at Broadoak today!