Finding the Best Builder for Your Home Improvements

More and more people are opting out of DIY, and with good reason – building work is essential, has strict safety and legal regulations, and can be time-consuming and costly if mistakes are made.

With this in mind it’s advisable to work with an experienced, professional builder who will complete your project to the highest specification.

To minimise the impact of any bad building work we bring you our guide to finding the best builder for you and your home…

1. Recommendations

Local reputation really does hold weight. Chances are there will be someone in your area that has survived a construction project so get out and ask around for recommendations. Most people will be only too happy to discuss their project with you.

2. Experience

While every builder was once a new builder, experience matters. Broadoak Preservation holds over 20 years industry experience in converting basements and lofts as well as completing high quality home extensions.

3. Insurance

When you work with any builder, insurance is essential. We always work with appropriate cover, and all our work is fully guaranteed and backed by Insurance Guarantees upon request.

4. Value

Be aware that the cheapest quote will not always mean the best service. If you do get a cheap quote, always ensure everything is included so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

5. Past work

Taking a look at a builder’s past work is always a good indication of how your project could turn out. Follow up references and look at testimonials for signs of quality workmanship, materials and practises.