What to Consider When Having a Home Extension

With the cost of properties continuing to hit new records, you may be thinking that now is not the best time to move.

More and more people are now opting to stay put and improve/extend their home because they simply cannot afford to move.

If you are considering a house extension, here are a few things you may want to consider before going ahead.

1. Why do you want an extension?

Reasons you may choose to extend your home could include:

  • Additional living space
  • Additional storage space
  • Additional work space

Once you have decided on the function of your extension, you can begin to plan what size and design would be most suitable.

2. What part of your house do you want to extend?

Once you have decided that a house extension is what you would like, you must then think about the type of extension you need. You can choose to have a single or multiple storey extension, kitchen/living room extension, bathroom extension, or something else. Many of our customers opt to have a single storey extension as a cost effective way to add more living space to their home.

3. Who do you want to construct your extension?

Finding the right team to help you at the budget you have in mind can be stressful when extending your home. Your first point of call would be to request a professional, unbiased survey to discuss the details of your requirements. Broadoak can provide you with a detailed report, and take away the stress and worry that a home extension can naturally bring.

4. How much can you afford to spend?

When thinking about a home extension, be realistic with your budget and how far it will stretch. You will need to take into account every step of the process including the the design, build, planning, and installation of your extension plus the finishing touches when its all done. The cost will also be influenced by your location, extension type, design and size.

Broadoak Basements are your one stop shop for your home extension, so to get your project started give us a call on 0161 962 1623 today!